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Deer Hunting Vision Check

Good Vision and Deer Hunting Go Hand in Hand

The idea of going out to hunt deer while not being able to see clearly is a laughable. Any hunter with common sense, even new hunters, will try to make his vision as clear as possible to spot deer that might be hiding. Unfortunately, your vision might not be as clear as you think it is. Stine Eye Center in Weston, WI, wants you to be safe while hunting and ensuring your vision is as clear as possible is an important part of that.

Seeing Deer and Seeing What's Not Deer

You need clear vision during deer hunting for several reasons. One is so that you can spot deer that might be standing quietly among trees and bushes and train your sights on the right spots. The other is so that you can spot things that aren't deer, but that might have a similar coloration. There is actually a third reason, which is so you can spot deer that you shouldn't shoot, such as a mom and a fawn.

Without clear vision, you could end up shooting into a tree (or worse, another animal that you didn't intend to kill), or you could gut-shoot a deer, which is a horrible way for the deer to die and may contaminate much of the meat.

If you haven't had your eye vision checked in a while, whether or not you currently have a prescription, you need to get your eye sight checked before you go deer hunting.

Get Your Vision Checked Today

Stine Eye Center in Weston, WI, offers eye exams to ensure that your vision is ready for deer season. Call us at 715-241-2020 for an appointment.