Deer Hunting Vision

At Stine Eye Center in Weston, MI, we're here to help you achieve your vision goals. Our professionals have experience helping several deer hunters, such as yourself, and would love the opportunity to do business with you.

Excellent Vision for Deer Hunting

Deer have the upper hand when it comes to their senses of smell, hearing, and sight. They travel similar paths every day and are quick to notice any changes on their daily journey. As a deer hunter, you must carefully mask your scent, tread lightly to not disrupt the forest floor, dress appropriately in blending patterns, sit still, sit quietly, and keep your eyes peeled. If your vision isn't good, you might miss the shot when your opportunity finally comes.

Worse yet, with deteriorating vision, you can become dangerous. If you can't tell if that animal is a deer, goat, calf, or horse, you could severely injure or kill the wrong animal. You are also at a greater risk for missing your shot, missing your mark, or hitting the deer at an undesirable angle.

If you're serious about deer hunting, get an annual eye exam.

Our optometrist can diagnose existing issues and anticipate upcoming vision problems. Getting your eyes checked will put your mind at ease while protecting yourself and those around you.

You can still hunt while wearing a pair of contacts or glasses. They won't slow down your hunting endeavors one bit.

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