Patient Care

Patient Care

Your Comprehensive Exam

At Stine Eye Center, we analyze not only your eyesight, but take the time to analyze the health of your eyes as well, with detailed checks for eye diseases and disorders. Our diagnostic equipment and computerized technology give you state-of-the-art testing, allowing us to evaluate not only how well you see, but your total visual system - from the front of the eye to your brain. At Stine Eye Center, we make sure that your eye care is the kind of preventative health care it should be. You can feel good knowing in a world of volume and bargain eye care, we still put quality service above all else.

Long-Term Eye Disease Care

Our highly trained doctors provide “specialized long term care” for many eye diseases such as:

  •     Cataracts
  •     Dry Eyes
  •     Diabetic Eye Disease
  •     Glaucoma

We routinely perform a computerized analysis of your side vision for evidence of tumors and strokes, and for the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. We can also detect early signs of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and hyperthyroidism.

Laser Vision Correction

Stine Eye Center is now engaged in evaluations for laser vision correction procedures such as PRK or LASIK. If we determine that you are a good candidate for laser vision correction we will help you decide which procedure best suits your needs. We will explain everything from preparing for the procedure to how you can expect to feel afterwards.

At Stine Eye Center, we take pride in our complete pre and post-surgical care. Be sure to ask us how you can schedule a no-obligation consultation.