Specialty Contact Lenses

There are a variety of treatment options for people that have visual issues to help them restore their vision and see clearly. With eyeglasses and contact lenses, your refractive error can be corrected. However, some people that have eye health conditions cannot wear traditional contacts. Specialty lenses are made for a variety of conditions so these patients can still wear contacts. At Stine Eye Center in Weston, WI, our optometrists provide specialty contact lenses. We will work with you to ensure that your vision is at its best.


Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are used to correct refractive errors in the eyes that cause visual disturbances. Contact lenses fit over the cornea to help refocus light and correct visual issues caused by:

  • Myopia, or nearsightedness
  • Hyperopia, or farsightedness
  • Presbyopia
  • Astigmatism

All of these conditions are caused by irregularities in the cornea, which contact lenses help correct. Contact lenses are a great option for those that can handle the responsibility of wearing contacts, as well as people who prefer contact lenses over traditional eyeglasses.

How Specialty Contact Lenses Work

After completing an eye exam, our optometrist can prescribe contact lenses to help correct your vision. However, due to certain eye health conditions, not all contact lenses will be successful or work as well as they should. Conditions like dry eye, keratoconus, giant papillary conjunctivitis, astigmatism, and more can make it difficult to wear traditional contacts. Specialty lenses that can help with these conditions include:

  • Scleral lenses: These lenses work for people that suffer from corneal irregular¬≠ities, like keratoconus. Scleral lenses vault over the cornea and sit on the whites of the eyes, so they can adapt to different shapes.
  • Rigid gas permeable lenses: Also known as RGP lenses, these are more rigid than traditional soft lenses. They work for those with dry eye, as they hold in more moisture. They also work for keratoconus, LASIK patients, and more.
  • Toric lenses: These contacts are custom made and work for astigmatism, which causes the eye to have two focal points.

There are several other lenses that our optometrist can prescribe for you, as well. Using these specialty lenses ensure that you're getting the best treatment possible.

Visit Our Optometrist in Weston, WI for Specialty Contact Lenses

If you have an eye health condition but want to wear contacts, we can help. At Stine Eye Center in Weston, WI, our optometrist will help you find contact lenses that are comfortable and functional. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more.