Eye and Vision Exams

eye exam

Your eyes are vital to your daily life. This means that you need to get your eyes examined with some frequency, particularly if you have a history of vision problems. If you live in or around Weston, contact our optometrists at Stine Eye Center to schedule your next eye exam.

What to Expect From a Vision Exam

A basic eye exam will involve the optometrist taking a look at your eyes, particularly your retina, to make sure that there aren't any issues that should be addressed. From there, we will test your eyes against different prescriptions, to see what each eye needs individually for the best vision. From there, the exam will have some variation depending on your specific needs. Some people will need additional pictures or tests performed on their eyes. Others, like those who are considering contact lenses, will have a conversation with the optometrist concerning the many options that are available for contact lenses.

When to See the Optometrist

How often you should see the eye doctor depends on several factors. If you have a history of eye issues, then it is important to see an optometrist at least once per year for a vision exam. Furthermore, if you notice any changes in your vision, whether or not you have had vision issues in the past, it is important to schedule a vision exam as soon as possible. It is also important to remember that your ability to see clearly is not the only issue that your eyes can develop over time. Sensitivity to light, cloudiness of vision, and other issues are all things that an optometrist should know about and examine.

For children, it is a little bit different. Most children do not want to admit that something is wrong and that they may need glasses. However, poor vision can hurt their ability to succeed in school and make life more difficult in general. So, it is important that you get their eyes examined, regardless of whether they say they are having trouble seeing or not. Make sure to pay attention to their actions and if they are squinting when watching TV or doing other activities.

Book Your Next Eye Exam in Weston, WI

If it has been a while since your last eye exam or you have noticed a change in your vision, call our team at Stine Eye Center today at 715-241-2020. Our optometrists will perform a thorough exam and make sure you get the quality eyewear that you need to see clearly.