Eye Drop Recommendations

Contact Lens Solutions

Daily or Weekly Lenses Arrow Puremoist or Biotrue or Revitalens

Monthly Lenses Arrow Puremoist or Biotrue or Clear Care

Gas Perm Lenses ArrowBoston

Dry Eye / Rewetting Solutions

Daytime Use ArrowSystane Balance or Blink or Refresh for Contacts (3x-4x/day)

Nighttime Use ArrowSystane Night Time Lubricant or Refresh Gel

(Note: The above are approved for use with contact lenses. We DO NOT recommend Opti-free Replenish.)


Any multivitamin plus the following:

Macular Degeneration in Non-Smokers ArrowB&L Ocuvite Adult 50+ (1 cap/day) / ICaps Lutein and Omega 3 Formula (1 cap/day)

Macular Degeneration in Smokers ArrowB&L PreserVision AREDS 2 Formula (1 cap/day)

Dry Eye Syndrome ArrowTheraTears Orals (2 Caps/Day) or Systane Supplement (2 caps/day)

Omega III for Dry Eyes or Macular Degeneration ArrowPRN (2 caps/day) or Nordic Naturals (3 caps/day)

Allergens  Arrow Pataday (as directed on the box)