Why Stine Eye Center?

So why should you get your eyes examined by us?

Our eye exam consists of two parts: the screening process and the examination with the doctor. 


The screening process begins with a comprehensive health history discussion followed by depth perception and color blindness assessments.  The auto-refractor machine will estimate the approximate power of your eye and the keratometer will measure the curvature of the front surface of your eye. The corneal curvature is helpful in choosing the correct contact lenses as well as uncovering corneal disease.

There are several devices to measure eye pressure if you do not like the standard
"puff" machine. Eye pressure is important in determining the presence of glaucoma. 

We then will do a screening visual field test that evaluates the integrity of the
nerve pathway from your retina to your brain. 

Lastly, our digital retinal cameras will capture an image of the inside wall 
of your eye, displaying your retina, macula, and optic nerve. It's pretty amazing and typically not found in most optometric practices.


After the baseline information is assembled by the screening process, the
examination with the doctor is complaint driven and can go several
different ways.

In a non-complicated eye exam, we evaluate not only how well you see but your total visual system: acuity, eye muscle balance, eye muscle skills, pupils, ocular surface, eye lids, eye lashes, eye ducts, tear film, anterior chamber, crystalline lens, vitreous, retina, optic nerve heads, and blood vessels are all evaluated.

Your medications and systemic health and its role in your ocular health are evaluated as well. We are able to print images of your retina and the front surface of your eye if you would like. We believe we offer the area's best eye exam by the kindest people around. 

It is our mission for you to see well your entire life!